Soon …

1. Form a line from oldest to youngest 馃檪

Succeeded? Answer this: where does Buzz live and other Toy Story characters? Go there!

2. Name 5 zodiac signs in English 馃檪

Ready? Go where this thing that gives you oxygen is 馃檪

3. Use your bodies to make a star!

Found it? Baby it’s cold outside up here! Find the biggest window in the school!

4. Riddle: I am not one, but always together in the ocean!

What sign is it? Great! So now find Si School clothing 馃檪

5. Rebus

Well done! What is the most important room(place) in each house? Go there!

6. Riddle: All Animals to me reply, but I am also in the July sky.

That’s it, bravo! Where is it: “Knock knock!”

7. At the fortune teller’s – short comic performance.

You guys are good! Find the small stonehenge in front of the school.

8. Use your bodies to make a moon!

Super! Go back to where the jackets are 馃檪

9. Make a short song/poem about the planets.

Amazing job! You deserve a treat 馃檪